OK, where's my coolant going?

mallick at mail.utexas.edu mallick at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Oct 12 14:32:38 EDT 2004

In addition to my 1qt/1k oil consumption, my 200q seems to be losing coolant.  I
need to add about 1/2 qt every 1K miles, and I'm not sure where it is going.

--No white smoke out the tailpipe, and I can't smell coolant there.

--No coolant leakage at the heater core...carpet is dry and I can't smell it in
the cabin.

--No coolant drips underneath when car sits.

--No coolant in oil...nice and clean, no white goo on cap.

--No visible weeping on hoses, and all clamps seem tight.

Any ideas?  I can't see or smell any coolant under the hood when I stop.  The
only thing I can correlate it with is that it seemed to have started right
after I had the t-belt done a couple of months ago.  Did the o-ring under the
water pump get munched?


John Mallick
200q20v...approaching 185K

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