OK, where's my coolant going?

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Oct 12 15:42:12 EDT 2004

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> In addition to my 1qt/1k oil consumption, my 200q seems to be losing
coolant.  I
> need to add about 1/2 qt every 1K miles, and I'm not sure where it is

I've had two hard to find coolant losses. One of them was a small crack in
the coolant overflow tank. Never did find the other one. Almost hate to
admit this, but, when I was losing a pint of coolant about every 200-300
miles, I added a package of bars leaks to the coolant overflow tank and
within a day the coolant loss was gone. Never came back for the two yrs I
continued to drive the car.

Current 200 was losing PS fluid at the rate of about a cup per month. Added
some PS sealer to that ( said compatible with all types of PS fluid) and
that leak is now gone also. Haven't added any fluid in over 8 months.

Almost Quattro weather!!

mike miller
helmville mt

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