OK, where's my coolant going?

mallick at mail.utexas.edu mallick at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Oct 12 16:02:54 EDT 2004

Quoting Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com>:

> Have you tried letting the car idle after it's warmed up to see if it
> creates a puddle?  Neighbor had regular coolant loss but no puddles until
> he let it sit and idle after a trip.  He was losing coolant from the water
> pump only when the car was warmed up and the pump was pumping.   

I'll give it another try when I get home.   I've done it before and seen
nothing.  Mike Miller mentions a possible cracked overflow tank, so I'll have a
look, although if I recall the system seems to pressurize well and I have no
evidence of overheating, even down here in the Texas summer.  Not sure if I'll
try the Bar's Leaks stuff though...


John M.

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