Wire Harness Connectivity for 200 H4 Euro lights

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 17 14:15:35 EDT 2004


I looked at the back of my Euro's, they have a 4 prong plug (high, low, 
parking/city, ground) that the harness plugs into, then the power is 
distributed within the light assembly.
Does the assembly you have have an exterior plugin point? I do not know 
if that head light set will even fit in the car.
On the blinker set up. A friend told me that the 4000 had the parking 
and blinkers in the same assembly and that the light socket from that 
will also plug into the parking light assembly on the bumper of our 
200tq's, you will just have to extend the wire a bit to get it down 
there( I found some at DAD'd a while back).
What you might do is sit down and meter out the harness and see what 
goes where (draw a diagram). This will help in sorting out the harness. 
Then look at the connections on the back of the lights and the cars 
wiring harness hopefully you will be able to sort out how it is supposed 
to work.
If it will not work, there is bound to be someone on the list that 
provide wisdom that will help.
I have the Blau harness and there is another lighting company that  
makes some decent harnesses I know a couple of people on the list used them.

Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

Grant Dion wrote:

>Hello All
>I recently bought "euro" lights for my 91. They are made by Depo, and are
>Chinese knock offs of 86-89 5000 non turbo lenses with clear corners. I also
>got a grille and a wiring harness. 
>The harness has virtually no instructions. 
>There is 2 connectors that look as though relays should plug into them, no
>relays included, 2 thick red wires that I guess go to the battery power
>block, another 3 prong  connector, that I think is where I tap the existing
>headlight harness, two more 3 prong female connectors for the H4 bulbs to
>plug into, and another 3 wires that end in an enclosed black box, which I
>think may be a circuit fuse 
>Does this sound like the normal setup for a harness that will work for the
>200?  I see nothing for the turn signal bulbs in the corners. If anybody has
>any insight or thinks I need the BLAU harness, please speak candidly.
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