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Wed Oct 20 12:25:39 EDT 2004

At 9:42 AM -0600 10/20/04, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>I removed my t-stat last night under suspicion of it sticking.  I 
>put it in Pyrex glass with hot tap water to get it warmed up, then 
>poured boiling water in there, three separate times, including once 
>after removing all less than boiling water and another time after 
>running cold tap water over the part.  It never opened. (FWIW I did 
>not put it in the pot directly cuz my wife would freak out if I 
>  is there something wrong with my procedure?

Yes--IMO it needs one or _both_ of the following:

(1) Demand some "pot privileges" fer gosh sakes! Explain to your wife 
that your thermostat is certainly more sanitary than most any of the 
food items that typically go into the kitchen pots. Well yes it might 
have a bit of toxic contamination, but that anti-freeze is completely 
water soluble and will thoroughly rinse clean under the faucet in a 
few minutes.

(2) Your testing method really ought to make use of a thermometer. An 
oven (or a roasting) thermometer will nicely handle the temperature 
range of interest--hopefully these are not forbidden tools. ;-)



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