Fuel Pump replacement questions

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Oct 20 16:43:54 EDT 2004

I have a spare replacement Bosch pump I acquired when the new type of
smaller pumps I installed a year or so ago started making really loud
noises earlier this summer.  The small spare is not silver like that one,
it's black.  It has the hose clamp type outlet too, like the smaller one
pictured in the write-up on the size switch on Chris Miller's repair pages.

Anyway, this new Bosch one comes with a pair of male wiring connectors and
a plastic sleeve to turn them into a shielded connector.  The instructions
(imagine that, first Bosch product I've bought that had instructions)  say
in about 100 different languages to cut the connectors off the existing
wiring, which would be the circular ones I had to source and crimp onto the
wiring when I installed the first small pump, and crimp on these new
connectors with the sleeve in place to slide over them.  It indicates to
pay attention to the + and - markings on both pumps and be certain to
connect the newly adorned wires appropriately.

Anyway, regarding your hose, I decided after getting all the stuff together
for the first small pump installation that I just as well could have
snipped the banjo bolt fixture off at the pump end and installed a hose
clamp.  So you probably can do that too.

0/2004 -0400, Peter Schulz wrote:
>The indigo wagon has been cursed with on/off hard starting.
>The fuel pump was replaced with the newer style (smaller style) pump in 1998.
>I still suspected the internal check valve as a potential culprit, which my 
>mechanic confirmed with a fuel pressure test.
>I sourced a newer style replacement43 mm pump, but forgot to get the 
>corresponding hose.
>Of course I realized this AFTER pulling the pump from the tank.
>The interesting thing is that the 43 mm Pierburg replacement pump currently 
>in the car uses the old style banjo fittings on the hose, instead of the 
>hose clamp required by the "new" replacement 43mm pump.
>I also could not figure out how to pull the Pierburg pump out of the 
>adaptor sleeve to install the new replacement pump...
>Of course the wiring connection are soldered to the Pierburg 
>pump....crimping connectors on is easy enough, but it appears that there 
>are some capacitors solder to the end of the leads...
>Any advice, tips appreciated, and yes, I took photos...(of course I can't 
>send them to the list)
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