What Koni settings to choose

Patrick Anderson patrick.anderson1 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 20 20:41:39 EDT 2004


I installed Koni yellow shocks in the front of my car over the weekend. They have 2.75 turns of rebound adjustability on the fronts. I set them at 1.25 turns from soft (so just shy of half stiff). Now I need to put the rears in and try to set those correctly. They have 2.00 turns of adjustability and I was thinking about putting them in at 1 to 1.5 turns from soft. So the rear would be a bit more stiff on the rebound damping than the front. Or should I put them at the same stiffness. I was thinking that stiffening up the rear a little bit might help understeer a little bit. Any thoughts?

Any one out there have any BTDT or suggestions on a good setup. I have the H&R 29800 springs that are specd for our car. I would like to get pretty close before putting in the rears and not have to take them back out again. 


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