Suspension Bits

TooManyAudis at TooManyAudis at
Fri Oct 22 00:49:54 EDT 2004

I'm replacing most of the front suspension on my 200q with 215k miles.  I do 
a lot a highway miles, so OEM replacement struts / shocks are fine by me.

The question is, how much should I be replacing?  I'll tackle the front 
suspension first, then the rear.

Here's what I have accumulated so far:

Replacement lower control arms with sway bar bushings.
Tie rod ends.
Boge gas struts 
strut bearings
subframe bushings

What else do I need?  Bump Stops?  Strut Mounts?

Any write-ups on this process?

I will do the rear suspension soon thereafter.  I already have the upper 
control arms.  What do I need to complete the job.


Tom Werner
Charleston, SC

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