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Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Oct 25 18:44:54 EDT 2004

At 3:37 PM -0600 10/25/04, Henry A Harper III wrote:
>  > Well, its that time of year again.  Who makes the best snow tires for are
>>  car?  I live in Minnesota and do pull a snowmobile trailer. 6 X
>>  15 wheels.  I
>>  also make a trip or two to Colorado skiing, and the higher speed
>>  miles do add up.
>I am still quite happy with my 195/65/15 Nokian Hakka 1 (studded) on 7x15
>steel wheels...not much different to report since 4 years ago actually...
>Missing a couple more studs now, treadwear still almost nonexistent (only 5k
>miles/year between winter and summer wheels since then, though).

I'm using the same 195/65-15 Hakka 1 tires--although I'd never bother 
with studs again because of the noise. At least 1/2 of the studs are 
gone now. Like Henry's tires, my Hakkas seem to just last and last. 
Mine have been through 6 winters and still have about 3/4 of original 
tread remaining (altho I've not driven that much--probably not more 
than 15K-18K on them). This winter they'll have to go on our red 
car--since I've now got to find 16" winter wheels that'll fit the 
BIRA System 3 brakes on my other (Lago) car.

Does anyone on the list have a set of 16" wheels for sale that will 
fit my BIRA brakes? The oem urS4 16" wheels will fit, but it's hard 
to find a set. The Borbet type B and  Audi A8 5-spoke wheels also 
will fit. Anyone?


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