Snow Tires

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Mon Oct 25 22:53:09 EDT 2004

My Hakk 1s are still performing well.  When I did the research it was 
either the Hakks or Gislaved NordFrosts.  I ended up going with the 
Hakks because their local dealer offered the better deal.  We put 
NordFrosts on my wife's Eurovan and they've been equally as good.  I had 
Blizzaks previously and they were great until the multi-cell compound 
wore off and then they were simply OK.  The Hakks and NF's have never 
failed to amaze and they just keep on going.

Greg J

>"Henry A Harper III" <hah at>
> I am still quite happy with my 195/65/15 Nokian Hakka 1 (studded) on 
> 7x15 steel wheels...not much different to report since 4 years ago 
> actually...
>Missing a couple more studs now, treadwear still almost nonexistent (only 5k miles/year between winter and summer wheels since then, though).

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