Clutch bleeding?

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Fri Oct 29 11:25:25 EDT 2004

The clutch MC cannot be bled seperately from the slave cylinder.  The clutch
MC is a bit further under the MC reservoir than you may think, as the
plunger is attached via clevis to the clutch pedal.  The line runs from the
reservoir to the clutch master to the slave.  If you're using the Motive,
make sure you keep it under 15 psi (8-10 should be fine) and then crack the
slave cyl bleeder screw while an assisitant slowly pumps the clutch master a
few times.  HTH

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Subject: Clutch bleeding?

> I have the motive pressure bleeder and just wanted to be sure what was the
best way to bleed my clutch?
> I have look directly under my Brake M/C and did not see the Clutch M/C.
> Where exactly is the Clutch M/C located?
> do I need to bleed the slave also?
> -Leszek
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