2.5 Stoker w/ RS2

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Oct 29 13:49:14 EDT 2004

Well we had a little urq GTG dinner last night here in Denver- had 4 urq's but another 4 owners who brought other machinery....one of which was Dave's monster 387whp '93 S4 (wow that was awesome) - can't wait to go for ride when it's sorted...

And of course it got me thinking...not to mention so did a little run-in with a neu S4 this morning on the way to work.  He got a little better launch as I do value my clutch - but I kept right with him - 10 ft back.  I was really bummed I didn't pull away...anyway I had nothing to lose against his state of the art machinery with me in my 20 year old chassis and 13 year old motor....

anyway....anybody running a 2.5L Stroker 3B with basic RS2 stuff - EM, turbo, etc?  Or does this mess up the Motronic?

My thought is reducing lag via increased displacement.  

'84 urquattro 20Vt

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