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Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sun Oct 31 11:13:10 EST 2004

Find the leak!  To do so you must wash down the whole engine bay and from
underneath too.
Must be free of all oil and accumulated dirt.  Using a pump garden sprayer,
spray an oil emulsifier like Gunk through out the engine bay and from
underneath, and blast it off with a full hose stream.  If you don't do this
regularly, it may take several applications.  And keep it clean thereafter!

If the hose is weeping it will run down and onto the rack at the valve body.
If the rack high pressure seal is leaking the oil will appear at the boot.
No need to R&R the rack if this seal is not leaking, The broken boot is
incidental, DFI if IAB!  If it is the hose, a new one can be made for about
$25, BTDT.

I don't understand why anyone replaces static rubber isolators, such as sub
frame bushings.  Dynamic angular rotation bushings only if the rubber bond
is fractured, usually caused by tightening the anchor bolt at other than the
static ride height.


From: TooManyAudis at aol.com
Where is the oil leak, rack or hose?
seems like both.  The hose is wet, and the rack boot is split in two, and is
wet also.  Not enough to drop on the ground, but the tranny has plenty of
grime from the pentosin combining with dirt.

> However, if replacing the rack is significantly easier with the subframe and
> struts removed, well, no sense in doing the same amount of work twice, right?
> However, if there really isn't much difference between replacing a rack with
> or without the suspension components installed, well, I will save the job for
> another day (or another owner).

Such is the case.
So, I assume this means that having the struts and subframe out makes little
difference, correct?

-- Tom

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