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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Sep 2 14:31:34 EDT 2004

At 11:15 AM -0400 9/2/04, feelstranger wrote:
>I have looked in all the usual places for the tire pressure sticker 
>on my car to no avail (gas door, under hood, door jambs..)
>The manual says look in gas door flap as does Bentley...
>So, what are the recommended tire pressures for Avants?
>FWIW, the PO put 225's on the stock BBS and I assume there should be 
>a difference for tire size.
>suggestions for this?

It is on the inside of the gas filler door on both of my cars. 
Anyway,  for oem tires the recommendation is  36 to 40 psi (cold of 
course) depending on whether the load is moderate (2 passengers) or 
fully loaded. I usually ran  pressures that were a little lower than 
that (about 34 psi) with my 225/15 tires, and I got even tire wear 
and good fuel economy (28 mpg highway). I'd recommend starting at 34 
and work your way up to a "comfort level". Some listers--ones who 
value economy over all other considerations--claim routinely to use 
40 psi. For me, life's too short and roads are too pot-holed to go 
near 40 psi for routine driving. Even for track-event use, I've been 
finding 35-36 psi to be an acceptable (cold) pressure.


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