tire pressure

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Tue Sep 7 00:34:49 EDT 2004

I Moved from the 15" to 17" size so YMMV:
I'd say Phil's close to ideal 34/street 36 PSI (or higher track)

For our track event I started at 32 figuring HOT would be 5-6 PSI higher.
I rolled the LF sidewall  Photos for the curious.
-Scott by BOSTON
>  feelstranger wrote:
> >Hey,
> >I have looked in all the usual places for the tire pressure sticker 
> >on my car to no avail (gas door, under hood, door jambs..)
> >The manual says look in gas door flap as does Bentley...
> >So, what are the recommended tire pressures for Avants?
> >FWIW, the PO put 225's on the stock BBS and I assume there should be 
> >a difference for tire size.
> >suggestions for this?
> It is on the inside of the gas filler door on both of my cars. 
> Anyway,  for oem tires the recommendation is  36 to 40 psi (cold of 
> course) depending on whether the load is moderate (2 passengers) or 
> fully loaded. I usually ran  pressures that were a little lower than 
> that (about 34 psi) with my 225/15 tires, and I got even tire wear 
> and good fuel economy (28 mpg highway). I'd recommend starting at 34 
> and work your way up to a "comfort level". Some listers--ones who 
> value economy over all other considerations--claim routinely to use 
> 40 psi. For me, life's too short and roads are too pot-holed to go 
> near 40 psi for routine driving. Even for track-event use, I've been 
> finding 35-36 psi to be an acceptable (cold) pressure.

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