BPV was: CEL possible O2 sensor 1.6 bar now 1.3 SOLVED?

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Tue Sep 7 18:38:45 EDT 2004

Lister(s):  Q below.

Interesting you mention the dip stick.
The O ring at the top crumbled when I had it in my hand.
I need a replacement.  It was the other suggestion by fellow car nut Larry at 
Watkins Glen 2.
Quite a bit of surprise on the Bosch BPV's leaking (hissssssssssssssssssss) 
at 8 PSI.  The concensus is that the turbo is just working harder to build and 
maintain boost.  Time for another brand?

Q:  We had a debate on which way the orientation of the BPV should go.  I 
know there is a right and wrong direction. But in testing the valve we found that 
pulling vacuum against it (side port) yielded slightly higher numbers than 
the (presummed) correct orientation when we removed it.

If we put the pressure on the side (side port) the valve would have pressure 
peeling away a corner of the seal hence leaking sooner than pulling the entire 
seal from below with vacuum pressure.

HTH and TIA - Scott by BOSTON

> My chipped avant shows about the same boost as yours.  1.5-1.6.  I made the 
> 3" pressure tester with the truck air stem.  The only leak I could find was 
> around the oil fill cap at 20 psi and it would shoot my oil dip stick up.  I 
> question the accuracy of the stock gauge.  Mine shows .9 with key on, motor 
> off.
> Pete

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