Heater Blower Motor squealing.

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 7 19:55:27 EDT 2004

Hello Grant
A friend and I did two of these last year. Check out Chris Millers site 
for the "steak knife" method. This job is not hard just a PITA. Just 
unhook all the stuff under the dash and then work from the top. The part 
that provides the most challenge is getting the seal around the unit to 
pop loose. Having two bodies does make it easier. You will not need to 
cut the air duct as it says on the job description, just pry it out of 
the way. Having two sets of hands helps when prying the whole unit out  
and tilting it the pull the fan out. The r&r portion with the fan is 
easy, it is just journey to get there that is a bit tedious. When 
dropping the unit back in have the someone underneath to make sure all 
the ducting is going back on correctly. While you have the dash and 
glove box out look up in the fresh air vent and check to see if the 
return spring is good. Beats going back down there again.
MY fan was toast the bearings were gone and the brushes were practically 
non existent. My fan would only work on hard freeway clover leafs going 
to the left.

91 200 tq Avant
Grant Dion wrote:

>My blower motor is just about dead. After being on for 10 minutes it starts
>to make a squealing noise. I was wondering if anybody had any great tips how
>to replace it. (The one in my Chevy van is cake to replace, 15 minute job,
>no such luck here I'm sure!) Also, I have heard that liquid grease can be
>sprayed into the motor, that penetrates the bearings and then solidifies as
>the solvents evaporate. Has anybody had any long term luck with this
>solution? Thanks in advance!
>Grant in Colorado Springs
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