selling overseas?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Sep 7 20:41:58 EDT 2004

At 4:57 PM -0700 9/7/04, Tom Egbert wrote:
>   I have one of my 200 20v's for sale on the audifans list and I 
>keep getting offers of Dutch and European people wanting to send me 
>a cashier's check and they will arrange and pay for shipping.
>     Can this be legit? The one guy I replied to, wants personal info 
>and then wants me to cash an overpayment check from someone else who 
>owes him cash. I am not even answering that.
>    Anyone heard of this before?

I thought _everyone's_ heard of this scam before!! You may be the last. ;-)


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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