Brake Bleed Q: proportioning valve

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Tue Sep 7 23:21:06 EDT 2004

SO the slow trickle of fluid is the proportioning valve doing its thing right?
Is this why the rears wore out before the fronts?

We've been tossing around the idea the proportioning valve is using the rears 
harder than I think to keep the rear squat down, counteracting nose dive on 
threshold braking.  Sound logical?

-Scott by BOSTON

> > So my Q's are:
> > 1:  Is there an additional step I'm missing with the ABS controller not 
> > allowing fluid to "pour" out when I crack the bleeder screws?  This is on 
> the 
> > rears..........
> That shouldn't matter (ABS should allow full flow unless it activates)
> > 2:  MC the issue?
> Maybe, if there is an issue yet.  The proportioning valve for the rear 
> brakes allows a lot less pressure through than to the fronts, making 

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