No Boost over 1.0

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Wed Sep 8 09:55:32 EDT 2004

Bucking is indicative of a boost leak...and since you are not making over 
1bar (atmospheric pressure), its a BIG leak

Make sure that the bottom of the michelin man hose is actually sealing 
around the intake pipe, I've done this before and had the lower part curl over.
Do the obvious thing of visually checking all the major hoses and making 
sure the clamps are tight.

Check the vacuum hoses around the back of the intake manifold under the ISV


At 09:31 AM 9/8/2004, Audi Quattro wrote:
>I recently replaced the MM hose, so thats not the culprit robbing me of my 
>Lower hose seems fine
>any other ideas? Car pulls till about 1.0 -1.1 and then start to hickup 
>surging back and forth badly.
>thanks for all your help!
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