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Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Sep 8 10:06:10 EDT 2004

At 9:49 AM -0400 9/8/04, Peter Schulz wrote:
>Phil is correct
>The "metal trim brackets" which Phil speaks of are black in color 
>and attach to the top and bottom of the headlight assembly. The SS 
>headlight trim attaches to the brackets via two sizes of plastic 
>"bow tie" clips. The euro metal trim brackerts ARE not the same as 
>the DOT ones, just the SS headlight surround trim is.
>Its worth asking the question to the seller BEFORE you bid....

Indeed it is. I've also determined that these eBay lights do not 
include the clear corner refectors. The seller  responded that "what 
you see is what you get" and that he felt no obligation to mention 
any missing components in his listing.


>At 04:57 PM 9/7/2004, Phil Rose wrote:
>>A set of Bosch euro headlights (with Blau harness) for the '91 200q 
>>is presently up for bid on eBay. Might be a good deal, but beware, 
>>from the photo I'd say these units seem to be missing the upper and 
>>lower "metal trim brackets", without which they cannot be installed 
>>on US version cars.
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