No 200 20V's in Canada?

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That was me that drove it back to Toronto to pick up some parts from Martin
for my intended dash upgrade for the '83 Urq -- and I still have the 200q20v
(though the '83 Ur was replaced with an '84 Ur)   :-)

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Just 200 20vt engines.......

I helped sell a 200q20v here in Toronto, somehow the owner had brought
it in from the States and guess what he couldn't sell it. He was wize
though and traded in to a dealer on another car, the dealer being
unaware of the issue. The dealer was asking $9K Cdn for the car about 7
years ago, that's how much they wanted to get rid of it, it couldn't
be registered anyway. A friend from Colardo flew up (sight unseen)
bought it and drove it back to Colarado.

The really weird part is after two more changes of owner the car once
again appeared in my drive way. I was looking at it saying I had only ever
seen one other 200q20v in the flesh and that it was the same colour lago
blue. When I asked the owner where he bought the car, guess what it
was Colarado and it traced right back to the guy I helped buy it, very
strange déjà vu

Cheers, Mike

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>From Audiworld post

page 9 under volkswagen........ FYI
-Scott by BOSTON
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