No Boost over 1.0

Audi Quattro libenaudi at
Wed Sep 8 13:58:41 EDT 2004

thanks Charlie!
I actually did the MAF with the VW/Audi Stabilant 22 A stuff, but nothing.
but will also try the others.

Charles Baer <charlie at> wrote:
The day I bought my avant, it would reliably cut out hard at 1.3bar on the
dash display.

Bought it, went home, pressure test showed no leaks, hit 4 connectors with
contact cleaner:
- coil input

Problem gone. I'm not saying you don't have a leak, but this seems like
empirical evidence that boost related cutouts can have other causes. The
next day I took it up I-70 did some ice racing and back home with nary
ein hiccup.


Audi Quattro wrote:

>Thanks Pete!
>I will take off MM hose and lower hose and do a more thorough check.
>Peter Schulz 
>Bucking is indicative of a boost leak...and since you are not making over 
>1bar (atmospheric pressure), its a BIG leak
>Make sure that the bottom of the michelin man hose is actually sealing 
>around the intake pipe, I've done this before and had the lower part curl over.
>Do the obvious thing of visually checking all the major hoses and making 
>sure the clamps are tight.
>Check the vacuum hoses around the back of the intake manifold under the ISV
>At 09:31 AM 9/8/2004, Audi Quattro wrote:
>>I recently replaced the MM hose, so thats not the culprit robbing me of my 
>>Lower hose seems fine
>>any other ideas? Car pulls till about 1.0 -1.1 and then start to hickup 
>>surging back and forth badly.
>>thanks for all your help!

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