No Boost over 1.0

Jeff.Bernstein at Jeff.Bernstein at
Wed Sep 8 16:05:14 EDT 2004

At 09:31 AM 9/8/2004, Audi Quattro wrote:
>I recently replaced the MM hose, so thats not the culprit robbing me of my 
>Lower hose seems fine
>any other ideas? Car pulls till about 1.0 -1.1 and then start to hickup 
>surging back and forth badly.
>thanks for all your help!

I have had this problem several times after I have cleaned the engine.  I
believe the problem was due to some moisture in the distributor.  It would
run fine until I started to produce boost and then it would start bucking
until I backed down on the boost.  It would take a couple of days to dry out
and then it ran fine.  Haven't cleaned the engine in a long time to avoid
the problem.

Jeff Bernstein
Canton, Oh

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