Brake Bleed Q:

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I'm not exactly sure, because I was topped out in 4th at redline, had
to shift to 5th, brake and downshift two gears for the bus stop, saw
130 indicated at redline in 4th during some testing, so I imagine I
was about 135, considering the rate of acceleration at that speed and
at that place. I know that some others were seeing more than 140 at
the same spot and I heard recently that a guy driving a S4tt was
hitting 155mph before the braking point there.

You have a Z06? Talk to me off-list.

Anyway, try the double bleeding procedure and see if that fixes
things. It has always worked like a charm for me, even though it is a
major PITA to do it this way.


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Wholly smokes Taka: 135+........even at 130 indicated the Radar gun
showed 94 at 100 MPH...I suspect 122 was my speed.  Only the Z-06 has
taken me faster there.
-Scott by BOSTON 

This cannot be the correct procedure because it's too lengthy, but it 
works for me. BTDT on smoking brakes at the Glen, but not the rears 
but rather the fronts (I guess 135+ on the back straight takes its toll on your 

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