No Boost over 1.0 Codes Pulling Codes Vag - Com

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Wed Sep 8 16:30:25 EDT 2004

A lot of the Codes need some reading into the componet it says is "bad".
I had an obvious Vac leak from the BPV on the 20V and the O2 sensor came up 
as out of specs.............on the codes.
Some of the list faithful steered me towards the air/fuel ratio idea and that 
an airleak could be big enough for the O2 sensor to read above specs and not 
compensate for the "additional" air in the system.

> From: "Brandon Rogers" <>
> If the shaft is seized (totally seized), wouldn't the car only make vacuum -
> i.e. not even get to atmosphere?
> Leszek - Pull the codes if you can- either blink them out or use Pro-Diag or
> something..  Try letting the car do some of it's own diagnosis.

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