Brake Bleed Q: four

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Wed Sep 8 16:43:36 EDT 2004


this might be the source of the confusion.
All pads RR and LR had more than 1/3 depth on them.
The RR was the thinnest of all four calipers and eight pads.
The RR inner and outer were at 1/3 thickness vs. new four days before the 
fourth track event.
All track events and the 20,000 miles have been on all 8 pads since I 
acquried the vehicle.

At the R&R of the RR which was now down to the backing plates on both pads, 
(inner and outer) I had the piston issue when trying to push it in with the 
"tool" in order to put replacement pads on for the drive home.

LF RF LR all still have pad depth on them.  How much (exactly) is unkonwn 
until later in the week.
-Scott by BOSTON

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b.benz at writes:

> Scott,  If the RR had 1/3 pad thickness remaining and the LR was to the 
> backing plate, both starting new at the same time, either the LR is gummed up 
> and not retracting or/and the LR has been frozen for a portion of its life.  
> The pistons must be free enough that the 0-ring seal can retract the piston, a 
> very small force. 

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