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this might be the source of the confusion.
All pads RR and LR had more than 1/3 depth on them.
The RR was the thinnest of all four calipers and eight pads.
The RR inner and outer were at 1/3 thickness vs. new four days before the
fourth track event.
All track events and the 20,000 miles have been on all 8 pads since I
acquried the vehicle.

At the R&R of the RR which was now down to the backing plates on both pads,
(inner and outer) I had the piston issue when trying to push it in with the
"tool" in order to put replacement pads on for the drive home.

Scott,  I don't remember your "piston issue" specifics, but if you can't
easily retract, screw in the piston with the" tool" or two screw drivers,
your cali;per is gummed up for sure and needs overhaul.


LF RF LR all still have pad depth on them.  How much (exactly) is unkonwn
until later in the week.
-Scott by BOSTON 

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