Brake Bleed Q: four - six

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Sep 8 18:25:00 EDT 2004

You all but had the piston out with the caliper in the vice and you didn't
even take a look inside?
I always run my pads until the backing plate rubs the ridges, never a

Keep guessing and good luck!


From: SuffolkD at
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 17:48:32 EDT
To: b.benz at
Cc: 200q20v at
Subject: Re: Brake Bleed Q: four - six

Bernie:  More than one ways to establish a condition.
The piston was so far out, due to the pads GONE down to the backplate, that
the piston cocked at an angle.  I could see it when I ratched the E-brake
cam. Looked droopy.
Ever try to push in a bored item that's not aligned straight?
But doing off the vehicle in a vise was like butter....................
-Scott by BOSTON 

b.benz at writes:
Scott,  I don't remember your "piston issue" specifics, but if you can't
easily retract, screw in the piston with the" tool" or two screw drivers,
your cali;per is gummed up for sure and needs overhaul.


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