Brake Bleed Q: 777

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Wed Sep 8 23:25:05 EDT 2004

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Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 22:54:47 EDT
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Subject: Re: Brake Bleed Q: 777

Bernie: Man your rough.
Remember on a dirt road in NY for added effect I put in 10V avant pads to
get me home. ~ 350 miles.

On UFO's?  Sounds like trouble!  If G60s, they are the same pads.  But you
were talking rears, they have always been the same pads, all 5Ks, 89s, 200s,
et al. 
For 350 miles with gentle care, the backing plates would have not gone
through the rotor ridges.  Where was your gambling spirit then, but now you
fight tooth and nail against the obvious?

I'll send you inside photos of the caliper piston when I redo the big piston
boot.  The fluid squirting out during piston push in was dark(er than the
res.) but had a light brown clean ( no suspended particles or gunk in it. )
color to it, like detergent motor oil after 1,000 miles, tan not black.

No Sh**!!!  Would you like to buy the London Bridge, free shipping from AZ?
Should be no fluid squirting out when repositioning the piston.  Some of us
are slow learners!

Bernie, Q's: 
To make this useful to others, does the piston just fall out at the end of
its travel?

All pistons do, if driven beyond the open ended cylinder.

Any tricks to replacing the boot covering it?

All is obvious when R&Ring and cleaning the hydraulic internals.

Where do I address your Christmas card to?

Same email address.  Looking forward to it!

B, end of subject.

-Scott by BOSTON 

b.benz at writes:
You all but had the piston out with the caliper in the vice and you didn't
even take a look inside?
I always run my pads until the backing plate rubs the ridges, never a
Keep guessing and good luck!

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