Three phase brake pedal?

Dan Wing wagons at
Thu Sep 9 15:30:04 EDT 2004

I just had new UFO rotors installed, and the calipers cleaned up-- professionally-- by a shop that does a lot of Audi work. Also, new rear calipers and e-brake cables-- there was cruddy old fluid under the puffy seals at the rear calipers. 

Despite multiple bleeding attempts, after this work the brake pedal has a strange "three-phase" sensation when depressed slowly or moderately: free movement briefly, then a yielding, kind of plastic feel (and the brakes do start to work), then a firm end-feel. Not spongy at the end. The brakes do pump up, though, and they also get a normal hard, high pedal if you jam them on quickly instead of applying them slowly.

Is this the same bleeding problem you guys have been discussing? Is this addressed by bleeding with the ABS (ignition) on? 

I don't notice any difference in the pedal feel when the handbrake is lightly engaged, or with the ABS system switched off.


Dan Wing

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