bilstein strut tool

Ken Keith auditude at
Sun Sep 12 15:49:01 EDT 2004

Hi Pete,

I have some leads on getting a hold of a tool sometime during the
week.  I've given up trying to get the suspension work done this

Thanks for the reply, altho' it doesn't answer the question of what
you used to tighten the new collars down.  I had planned to use a pipe
wrench on the old, original collar, and was looking for alternatives
to a pipe wrench or the Bilstein tool for the reinstall.

I did speak to, the place I got my Bilstein's for
the best price I found online.  They offered basically no help on the
Bilstein tool, saying it was something I should find at a tool store
on my own (which I doubt I would find, since it's a crappy stamped
throwaway type item).

While searching for other BTDT's online, I came across my old post in
'98 in which I refered to getting the Bilstein tools with a set of
front Sports for my Coupe GT.  I guess Bilstein has either gotten
cheap or forgetful or something.

As for what happened to my old tool, I haven't been able to find it
but it's been good motivation to clean up my garage!

Thanks for the responses!


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Ken, what I did the first time was to remove the whole assembly and
reinstall.  I had one of the struts leak under warrantee.  I was able
to grab the old one with either a pipe wrench or a large channel lock
wrench and spin it out.  One of the venders should have the tool.
Good luck.

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