[V8] Manual tranny needs rebuild

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Mon Sep 13 11:47:40 EDT 2004

I found this info invaluable so I Wiki'ed it at the Audifans.com knowledge 
((((  FIRST ONE I've been able to add in six or so MONTHS!!!! ))))) I used 
the preview button this time.  I'm cross posting to the 200  20V list to see if 
these "widened" first three gears would be of interest to a chipped car.  
Knowing the ur S4/S6 had a hardened and wide first gear....................
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: "S Dewitt" <sdewitt at stx.rr.com>
> Subject: Re: [V8] Manual tranny needs rebuild
> If you can't afford a 6 speed then you probably can't afford a rebuild. Many
> of the V8 5speed internals are unique to the 5 speed so parts are extremely
> expensive and many have been discontinued. Figure about 9-11 hours benchtime
> for a experienced transmission mechanic to complete the work. Last I checked
> syncros were 180.00 each. If you need a gear that will set you back about
> 500 bucks. A pinion bearing runs some ridiculous amount like 500.00.
> BTW the gears (1st through 3rd) are wider so using others from an 016 box
> may not work.
> When audi offered a rebuilt box for that car it cost 11,000 bucks. Both new
> and rebuild 5 speed tranmssions from audi are now discontinued.
> Used boxes tend to run between 1000 and 1500.
> Scott DeWitt
> Advanced Automotion
> 817-939-6761
> Subject: [V8] Manual tranny needs rebuild
> > Well fellow v8 fans, the 5spd manual in my '91 v8 is
> > on its way out.  2nd gear synchro is going and I'm not
> > sure how much longer it will last.    Where can I get this thing rebuilt? 
> > Tom B.
> > '91 V8 5spd
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> From: Fkutyba at aol.com
> Subject: Re: [V8] Manual tranny needs rebuild
> Tom
> I would recommed calling Casey at Global Motorsports Group , He is a factory 
> tech and they can do the gearbox rebuild, He is very knowledgable and I know 
> he can steer you in the right direction.. 
> He is in the process of opening up a new facility.
> His # is 714-514-1982
> Fabryce,,

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