Schroth harness installation question

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Sep 13 20:57:56 EDT 2004

In order to install a Schroth racing harness, it's necessary to 
access both the inside and outside anchor-bolts of the car's oem lap 
belts (front seats). Whereas the outer bolt(s) can be reached with 
minimal fuss, access to the *inner* anchor bolts seems relatively 
difficult, and I imagine that complete removal of the front seat(s) 
would be needed to get at the inner bolts. Any BTDTs?

Also, when these harnesses are not in use, can they be tucked away 
neatly or is there an unavoidable tangle of belts and buckles to 
contend with? (I suspect the latter)


P.S. I'm aware there is a Schroth "Quick-Fit" version that simply 
clips into the existing seat-belt retainers and which can be easily 
removed (almost completely) from the car with no special effort; my 
questions deal with the installation and use of the standard Rallye 3 
or Rallye 4 harnesses. Of course for any of the harnesses, the 
anchoring behind the rear seat is simple.

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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