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Tue Sep 14 11:31:41 EDT 2004

I didn't have the proper tool when I installed my Bilsteins - but what I
used was perfect - a Park (brand) Bottom Bracket Tool for bicycles.  Same
concept - an arched hook with a claw on the end.  I'd say it was 99% ideal.
hopefully they still make it - as today's bottom brackets do not require the
use of this tool - like Audi's they require the use of a new specail

Check with your local quality bike shop or even REI.

Audi and bike geek

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> Hi,
> Does anyone know if this tool is supposed to be supplied with front
> bilstein struts?  I recall having one long ago that was included in
> another set, since lost, but my current set doesn't have one in the
> boxes.
> I'd prefer not to use a pipe wrench on the collars.  There's a
> modified Sears tool described in the next link that can be used, but
> I'm wondering if I should have received the tool from Bilstein.
> My vendor says I'm supposed to come up with it myself, which seems
> pretty crappy.  I've left a message with Bilstein to see what they
> have to say.
> Thanks,
> Ken
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