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Tue Sep 14 14:42:21 EDT 2004

This thread has had very heavy participation, why?  Are you guys all too
lazy or ascared to remove the strut, such that you could also relube the
strut tower thrust bearing and the wheel bearing, as well as the two ball
joints,  free up the toe adjustment, and overhaul the calipers,  while
you're in there?  Could have had all this done by now.


> From: SuffolkD at
> Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 12:01:19 EDT
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> Subject: Re: bilstein strut tool
> Ken:
> These Bilstein freaks think we're gonna chase all over for the tool.
> Why do we use their parts?
> Anyway...........there is a service center in CT off I-91 around exit 8 or so.
> I faxed and chased these guys until one showed up.
> I have two of them (somewhere) but we cut one trying things out.
> Where you located?
> -SCott by BOSTON
>> From: Ken Keith <>
>> Subject: 
>> Does anyone know if this tool is supposed to be supplied with front
>> bilstein struts?  I recall having one long ago that was included in
>> another set, since lost, but my current set doesn't have one in the
>> boxes.
>> I'd prefer not to use a pipe wrench on the collars.  There's a
>> modified Sears tool described in the next link that can be used, but
>> I'm wondering if I should have received the tool from Bilstein.
>> My vendor says I'm supposed to come up with it myself, which seems
>> pretty crappy.  I've left a message with Bilstein to see what they
>> have to say.
>> Thanks,
>> Ken
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