bilstein strut tool

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I think you got hosed on the deal and your supplier and/or Bilstein need to 
make things come to right with you.  I know when I purchased Bilsteins 
several years ago, I got at least one, and maybe two tools.

Hell, if they're going to design and include special parts for their 
components, it should also be their responsibility to include said tool.  If 
you need, I can check my tool box and if I have two tools, send one your 


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These Bilstein freaks think we're gonna chase all over for the tool.
Why do we use their parts?
Anyway...........there is a service center in CT off I-91 around exit 8 or 
I faxed and chased these guys until one showed up.

I have two of them (somewhere) but we cut one trying things out.
Where you located?
-SCott by BOSTON

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