bilstein strut tool

Ken Keith auditude at
Tue Sep 14 15:45:07 EDT 2004

Here's what Bilstein themselves (Western Aftermarket and Motorsports
Headquarters) had to say about it.

U.S. kits had the tool included, German gray-market kits do not.  He
said I would have to have the distributor that my vendor got the
struts from to have them order the tool.  He guessed it would be about
$25, and that it was a machined "brass" (I don't think so) tool.  I
guess that means that my set is a gray market German set or something.

(By the way, having called them directly I finally heard Bilstein
pronounced.  I've been saying it wrong.  The operator pronounced it
"beer stein", or "fine".  I have always pronounced it like "steen" or
"green".)  Of course she could have been mispronouncing it.

Hopefully I'll be able to get by with my old tool.  I think I probably
got that set of Bilstein's from RD Enterprises, aka, so here's a plug to them as suppliers of kits
without missing pieces, at least 6 years ago they were.

While drafting this email I called my current vendor,  I talked to the same guy, Mark.  With my new
information he was willing to do some research with his distributor
and get back to me.  He said his source is based in the U.S. and
supposedly buys them directly from Bilstein here.  A note about them,
they are open Tuesday through Saturday.  I was surprised that they
picked up when I called on Saturday.

Aside from getting the tool that should come with my kit, maybe the
feedback will help future kits from that supply chain to be more
complete for other T44 owners.


On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 11:38:49 -0700, Derek Pulvino <dbpulvino at> wrote:
> Ken
> I think you got hosed on the deal and your supplier and/or Bilstein need to
> make things come to right with you.  I know when I purchased Bilsteins
> several years ago, I got at least one, and maybe two tools.
> Hell, if they're going to design and include special parts for their
> components, it should also be their responsibility to include said tool.  If
> you need, I can check my tool box and if I have two tools, send one your
> way.
> dp
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> Ken:
> These Bilstein freaks think we're gonna chase all over for the tool.
> Why do we use their parts?
> Anyway...........there is a service center in CT off I-91 around exit 8 or
> so.
> I faxed and chased these guys until one showed up.
> I have two of them (somewhere) but we cut one trying things out.
> Where you located?
> -SCott by BOSTON

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