bilstein strut tool

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Sep 14 15:56:22 EDT 2004

Why do you think Bilstein should supply installation tools?  Nobody else
does, for any part?


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> what are you talking about??  Maybe you meant to reply WRT to the brake
> rebuild thread - regardless - you don't _have_ to read _any_ posts - just
> hit DELETE.  Or do you have a personal requirement to read every post in
> order to reply with your DFI if IAB theory??
> Brandon
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>> This thread has had very heavy participation, why?  Are you guys all too
>> lazy or ascared to remove the strut, such that you could also relube the
>> strut tower thrust bearing and the wheel bearing, as well as the two ball
>> joints,  free up the toe adjustment, and overhaul the calipers,  while
>> you're in there?  Could have had all this done by now.
>> Bernie

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