bilstein strut tool (4)

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Tue Sep 14 16:06:55 EDT 2004

Bernie:  Not ANYWHERE in your reply does the replacement of the strut 
cartredge (and the proper tightening to a specified torque reccommended by both Audi 
and Bilstein) which the Bilstein tool accomplishes when you switch cartredges, 
get listed in your R&R.

Clearly an oversight in your post I see.

They didn't spend the extra coin to make them because they are garnish.
Use Bilsteins, use their tool.
-Scott by BOSTON

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b.benz at writes:

> This thread has had very heavy participation, why?  Are you guys all too
> lazy or ascared to remove the strut, such that you could also relube the
> strut tower thrust bearing and the wheel bearing, as well as the two ball
> joints,  free up the toe adjustment, and overhaul the calipers,  while
> you're in there?  Could have had all this done by now.
> Bernie

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