bilstein strut tool (5)

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Tue Sep 14 18:15:02 EDT 2004

Thanks for the link, Scott.

I've never seen a Bilstein strut insert before (and wouldn't use them).  Now
I understand why you need and they should supply their tool, inasmuch as
they do not use the normal internal hex strut tube nut.  The normal type nut
can be removed with a pipe wrench on channel lock pliers, even if needed to
be torched first.  BTDT on all four of the 89 chassis strut tube nuts.


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> Those interested:
> Photos of the b tool and assorted others used in type 44 strut removal.
> HTH - Scott by BOSTON
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>> This thread has had very heavy participation, why?  Are you guys all too
>> lazy or ascared to remove the strut, such that you could also relube the
>> strut tower thrust bearing and the wheel bearing, as well as the two ball
>> joints,  free up the toe adjustment, and overhaul the calipers,  while
>> you're in there?  Could have had all this done by now.
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