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In case someone hasn't already said, we are thinking of two different 
things.  The "bilstein tool" is a keyed spanner wrench of sorts that is used 
to engage and tighten the new upper fastening collar that comes with a set 
of bilsteins.  That's why I said Bilstein was not fullfilling their 
obligation by only providing the special collar, and not the tool to install 
and torque it.  If I remember correctly, this collar is also manufactured to 
fit and secure the bilstein's a one way street.

This tool is NOT the same as the Audi special tool for removing strut 
cartridges while the strut body is still on the car, and hence lazyness and 
a lack of will in removing the strut is not a bone of contention with this 
thread or topic.


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This thread has had very heavy participation, why?  Are you guys all too
lazy or ascared to remove the strut, such that you could also relube the
strut tower thrust bearing and the wheel bearing, as well as the two ball
joints,  free up the toe adjustment, and overhaul the calipers,  while
you're in there?  Could have had all this done by now.


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