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michael mdearing at mhtc.net
Wed Sep 15 14:22:20 EDT 2004

> Did anyone ever solve the high beams not turning off?
> On Oct 25, 1999, at 11:16 AM, audi-20v at lists.boldfish.com wrote:
>> Ian Robertson wrote:
>>> Anyhow, I got the H4 only harness and I can say that it does
>>> indeed work. sort of. When I turn on the car, the high beam
>>> indicator is dimly lit although the only the lows are on. As
>>> I toggle to the high beams, I get full brightness on the
>>> idicator for a moment, then it goes dim again, but I do get
>>> high beams. The problem is that I can't turn them off without
>>> turning off the car.
>> Definitely a wiring problem. I'm guessing that the wires from
>> the original bulb connector to the relays are on the incorrect
>> terminals. Do you get the "headlight out" warning from the
>> autocheck system? If not, then the low beams are not even
>> relayed, and the wires might be incorrect at the bulb. Check
>> with Blau to make sure that you connected everything correctly.
>> Eric Renneisen
>> '90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
>> Chattanooga, TN

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