clutch heavy?

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IME a heavy clutch is (usually) indicative of a clutch nearing the end of
it's life (more like the Pressure plate).  My clutch on the 200 was getting
very heavy until the clutch job -- then it was noticeably lighter.

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hello all,
As soon as I acquired my 200 I was surprised at how 'heavy' - or should I
say hard to push - my clutch is.  It feels and sounds smooth otherwise and I
guess I figured that was they way they are.
Well, I was driving around today and was thinking about it again and decided
to ask the list - are the 200 clutches typically heavy?
I ride a bike more than I drive, not to mention hiking and skiing so I'm a
little surprised to find myself feeling like always taking it out of gear at
every light so I can let the clutch out.  My SO dislikes driving the car if
in stop and go situations.
I'm guessing that someone is going to tell me there is a pedal pressure
range listed in the Bentley...
Is the Bomb at all involved in this system because mine is shot.
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