The worst Interface Ever (NAC, thankfully)

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In the scenario described in this article, the engine (as well as the 
tranny) is stated to be at risk --does engine share lubricant with 
the tranny in these Lexi?). Anyway, this is a horror story I thought 
might be of interest as we approach a low list-traffic weekend.
The Worst Interface Ever

The Self-Destruct Switch
		For $1500, you can equip your luxury car with a 
genuine self-destruct switch. Once it's in place, you must remember 
to flip it whenever you shift from driving your car to not driving 
your car. Forget once or do it wrong, and your engine and 
transmission will self-destruct.

"Ah, a fictitious switch," you say, but no, it is all too real and 
all too destructive.

The switch is hidden under the hood, where you cannot visually 
inspect it. To increase the sport, it's not only left unlabeled as to 
function, its two positions are unlabeled, too-make a mistake and, 
boom!, no more engine.

Don't bother looking in the manual that comes with it. The installers 
are instructed to place the switch any place and in any orientation 
that's easy for them to do their work.

It sounds like the kind of dark nightmare that user interaction 
designers awaken from screaming, but it is a real, aftermarket device 
for Lexus RX-300 series cars being sold by a company in Florida.

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