Clutch Heavy: Bernie'd be complaining...........

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Sat Sep 18 01:24:09 EDT 2004

Bernie:  What makes this list useful are datapoints (which my post was) and 
experience.  Show me a shop that will do a clutch (crack the case and install 
sachs kit, reassemble) and a Front wheel bearing w/ bearing for < $ 1300 total 
cost to the customer.  

Mine ACTUALLY worked out to less than $1,200.  I quote high since I don't 
know if my labor rate was a special deal or not.

$700 clutch labor, more for a bearing & part, and MY sourcing the $340 Sachs 
I'll pay more anytime for the job done correctly, the FIRST time.

Highly recommend Autofirme in Amenia NY:  Greg Hayman (845) 373-0170

Guys know me in the New England area as a CHEAP "person".  Can't spend what 
you don't have!
I'll trailer my car 200 miles for the job done RIGHT

Just cause I can buy the timing Belt "Kit" for $133 from (Rod)  and do a 200 20V with the guidance of some friends is that 
meaningful compared to a shop figure of a $ grand?
Not if its done WRONG or you don't have access to some of the special 
But for the public majority, doing a timing belt just isn't in their 
Hence the shop $1,000 expense.

Glad to see you can beat us everyday Bernie.................
-Scott by BOSTON
In a message dated 9/17/2004 11:39:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
b.benz at writes:
> Are you bragging or complaining, or just a data point?  I'd be complaining.
> From: SuffolkD at
> > I got mine done for ~$700-1,000 and I brought ~$350 worth of Sachs kit 
> parts.
> > -Scott by BOSTON  My guy was in NY by Lime Rock park.
> >   What's a clutch job going to cost me here in the
> >> northeast?  I'm guessing $1k-2k...... 

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