Getting hard to shift.

CL Wong montesawong at
Sat Sep 18 23:04:13 EDT 2004

I recently replaced my brake servo.  Had trouble
pressure bleeding the rear brakes so I had to have
someone help me manually pump the brakes inorder to
get any fluid out the rear calipers. 

My new home-made pressure bleeder had no trouble
pushing fluid thru the clutch bleeding nipple. 

After the brake servo was done and the system bled, I
discovered that my shifter seems harder to shift now. 
2nd gear has always been a bit hard to engage but now
1st thru 3rd are noticeably more difficult to engage.

Should I try to manually bleed my clutch now?  Can
someone tell me how this is done?  or might the hard
shifting be somekind of ball linkage thing that needs

thanks in advance.


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