My new door speakers

CL Wong montesawong at
Sun Sep 19 07:26:17 EDT 2004

--- Jeremy Palenchar <jeremyp at> wrote:

> I just cut the back plate out of my Bose Pod,
> mounted my Infinity components
> in the Pod and then mounted the pod back to the
> door.
> -Jeremy 

I should have noted that this is my 3rd speaker
upgrade (PO went from Bose to Infinity 4.5" coax). 
Last time I had a set of pioneer 5.25" coax mounted in
the door pods and the pod acoustics caused some weird
resonances that made vocals honk at a certain
frequency.  You probably don't get this since you cut
the back plates.

The slight angle of the mounting face of the bose pod
could make mounting a little uneven.  I don't think
separating the air infront of the speakers from the
back of the speakers is possible without some extra
attention to sealing the gaps.

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