200q20v suspension = 1, me = 0

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
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It's been a while since I did all of this, and when I changed my front 
struts and strut bearings, I also replaced the sway bar bushings, subframe, 
and tranny mounts, so I did wind up pulling a lot of stuff off.  I don't 
know what makes it easier to do the job, just that there is a LOT of spring 
load in the sway bar.  At this point, a Bernie recomendation on "how to" 
would be helpful, especially as he just accused the lot of us here of 
lazyness for not taking on this task, which seems to imply the job you had 
trouble with is easy.

As far as the CV boot, it's not as bad as I thought it would be...to remove 
the shaft from the vehicle that is.  The big PIA is getting the CV joint off 
the shaft as the stupis as- internal circlip used to secure the joint on the 
shaft is very difficult (imposible?) to disengage.  When I did my boots, I 
actually wound up forcing enough of the circlip out of the housing that I 
could get purchase with vice grips, and then pulling the circlip out the 
rest of the way.  I think half my time was spent on this task  If this isn't 
entirely clear now, you'll see what I mean when you get in there.

Understand your frustration on working on the car.  At this point I'm 
reanalyzing my vehicular prejudices and thinking about an Acura.


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As I discuss this with my friend, I am realizing that I may have had
the top of the strut housing already unbolted from the strut tower
while I was trying to put leverage on the sway bar, which of course
wouldn't help. Oops.  By the time I got the tech's feedback on the
difficulty, I'd resigned myself to reassembling it and having it done
professionally, and I don't think I kept trying after bolting the top
back up.  Oh well, I'll call it a warm up run.

I still don't have the right kind of tool (huge strong pipe) to put
the proper leverage on there, but I think if I get one I'm going to
try it again.  I think with the top bolted in place, and the sway bar
brackets still attached, it would be more doable.  I think I'm going
to get a hold of that huge pipe and at least give it one more shot
before folding.  I'll buy some tie rod ends and maybe a control arm
and shoot for another time.  Unless it's possible to replace the ball
joint boot by itself?

Does anyone know of any online pics of a t44 front suspension?  I
couldn't find any to use as an example for my friend to describe the
way the sway bar hooks up.

I also bought an outer CV boot because it's torn.  I have to look into
what that entails as I hear it's not as simple as a Coupe GT, where
you just knock off the CV from the axle.



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