200q20v suspension = 1, me = 0

S. Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Sun Sep 19 15:58:15 EDT 2004

    It's been a while since I have worked on the front end, but have 
used this trick to get the sway bar all the way off....
from an earlier post ...
   The last time I changed bushings on one of my 5 ktq's ( also used it 
on my 200) I left the wheels on the ground and loosened up all of the 
bolts holding the sway
bar.  The bar practically fell off on the ground.  When one side is 
jacked up it puts torque on the bar and it is very difficult to get the
end of the bar out (doable, but enthusiastic prying is usually needed).  
You have to be *very careful to firmly chock the rear wheel(s)* (both
ways) as there is nothing supporting the front wheels fore and aft when 
the sway bar is removed.
...  Once the sway bar is off the strut should be easy to free ..... but 
be very careful, if you jack up the front side on the tower you are 
replacing the car,  must not move fore or aft - the shock towers are now 
free swinging.  As usual I assume no responsibility, warranties explicit 
or implied ...
Steve Crosbie   

Ken Keith wrote:

>Man what a pain.  Changing springs in a 200q20v sure ain't as easy as
>in a Coupe GT.  I wasn't able to get it done and had to put it all
>back together.  The sticking point was getting the ball joints out of
>the strut housing, fighting the sway bar pressure (and losing)....
>Has anyone done their own spring install, and is there a trick or
>special method to getting it done?  If there's a way to DIY, I'm
>willing to give it another shot, but otherwise I'm going to have to
>pay to have someone else do it.
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